Essay Tips: 7 Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

Students find it a challenge when writing essays be it in a contest, in class or for a scholarship. Sincerely, the task is overwhelming more especially when the student has no idea of where, how and when to start. To help a student go through the essay writing in a simple, fast and convenient way, he/she has to understand that having to follow steps in the process of writing a piece is the best way to break down the task into small manageable ones. Some of the steps include;
i. Pick a topic
In most cases, the topics are assigned to you, and in other cases, free reign is given unto you thus you’ll have to come up with your topic. If you are given the topic, you should narrow your focus to whether it is a general overview that you will want to do or an analysis. This way you are set to begin your journey that you have already embarked on. A little challenge comes in when you are not given the topic, meaning you will have more work to do. On the positive side, this gives you an opportunity to choose that topic which interests you. Begin with defining your purpose, is the essay meant to persuade or inform.
After you have determined the purpose, do some research on the topics that you find awesome. Jot down all the interesting topics. Evaluate your options and settle on one that interests you more.
ii. Outline your ideas
To write a successful essay, you will have to organize your thoughts. You can write down what you have on your head somewhere on a different paper, this way you will be able to see the links between your ideas in a precise manner. In a nutshell, writing down ideas creates a foundation for your essay.
iii. Write your thesis statement
At this stage, you most certainly have a topic and your ideas well arranged into their relevant divisions. What you are now required to do is write a thesis statement. A thesis statement tells the person who is reading the exact reason for your essay. Your thesis statement should be in two parts. The first part has to state the topic settled upon and the second part will state the point of the essay.
iv. The body
The body contains all the juice, all the twists and turns relevant to your topic. Ensure that each idea you wrote down in your outline becomes a separate section of your essay’s body. Employ the same basic structure in each of the body paragraphs.
v. Write the introduction
After developing your thesis and the body of your essay, you now must consider writing an introduction. The introduction should be captivating enough to catch the attention of the reader. A good trick is to use an attention grabber, for instance, a story, a simple summary of your topic, a quote or even dialogue.
vi. Write the conclusion
The conclusion wraps up the topic and provides and sums up all the ideas you have discussed or analyzed in your essay. Your conclusion should contain three or more sentences but not more than five, sentences that are strong. Use the sentences appropriately to reinforce your ideas.
vii. Add finishing touches
After you complete your conclusion, it does not mean that you have completed your essay. There is need to consider going through your work to check that all the details are well put out including the small details, they matter so much. Check for all possible mistakes that you may have made and have a correction done appropriately.


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